roof maintentance

Flat roofs require periodic maintenance not only to keep the factory warranty in place, but also to ensure that the system continues to function the way its intended. In fact, our experience shows that flat roofs properly maintained can last up to 30% longer than a roof that is not maintained.

We offer plans for annual maintenance as well as scheduled single visit appointments.

maintentance appointment

recovery systems

If the roof has only minor or no leaking we can save building owners thousands or sometimes tens of thousands of dollars with a recovery system.

In a recovery system, we will conduct a thermal scan of a building’s roof using FLIR technology to identify any compromised areas. The compromised areas are remove and replaced, while leaving in place much of the system. Then we recover the entire roof with a new membrane. If the building qualifies for a recovery system, it maintains the same warranty as a complete tear off, with significant cost savings.

tear off

We will remove the roofing system and any insulation to perform a deck inspection.

We will then repair the deck as needed, install new insulation and a new membrane. Flat roofs may drain to an edge or into roof drains. We have at our disposal engineers and designers to detail a tapered drainage system for whatever the situation dictates.


The only way to properly repair a leak is to properly diagnose it. Recovery Roofing & Restoration has the best technicians in the industry. We’ve seen it all and through our years of experience can pinpoint roofing systems issues and develop a proper repair scope. Our resources include thermal scanners to help determine the scope of the problem before disassembling the roof system


Recovery Roofing is a flat roof specialist. We are experts in EPDM, TPO and Metal. We work with a variety of building owners, including strip malls, office buildings, industrial buildings, retail buildings and freestanding restaurants and gas stations.

Flat roofs are by their very nature more complicated with many more opportunities for failure than steep roofs. Our specialty is developing details that stop water infiltration. We often work hand in hand with our manufacturers to develop new methods and designs and pride ourselves in having the knowledge to execute under any conditions.


Rubber roofs have multiple components that interact to create the whole roof system. We have the skill, knowledge and experience to repair your rubber or EPDM roof whether it’s a new install or a aged system.


Many metal roofs have exposed fasteners that require periodic maintenance and replacement. We are experts in identifying your roof system to ensure that the proper replacement parts are used.


TPO roofs take special tools and special care to property repair — we have both in house. Our technicians are constantly being trained on the most current practices for TPO leak detection, welding and repairs.