Very thorough inspection determined that our newly installed skylight (another roofer) was the cause of the problem. The problem wasnt the skylight itself, rather the flashing kit. The other roofer installed the wrong kit leaving me with a leak every time we get a heavy rain. We found Recovery Roofing through the Velux (skylight manufacturer) website. They were one of the few companies actually certified to install skylights! I would also like to give a special thank you to Matt Lodada (sp?). He simply knows his stuff! He pointed out a couple of small things we could do to prolong the life of my roof while he was here

Jason S.

I purchased a house that unknown to us (or the inspector) had a major roof leak. I had to put buckets out when it rained. Apparently it was a complicated issue as I had roofers come out to tell me they could not help. A different roofer “fixed” the problem with no improvement. I called Recovery Roofing. It took a few visits but they did not give up. Dan was awesome. He stayed on top of it, calling to check on us, sending people out to check on the roof and helping me find other contractors (brick repair) needed. I can not thank Recovery Roofing and Dan enough for helping me.

Beth C.

We had a great experience with Recovery Roofing and Restoration. We had water leaking into our master bedroom during several rainstorms due to a leak related to satellite dishes placed on our roof by the previous homeowners. They sent someone out to assess the situation promptly and got us scheduled within a week. They removed the satellite dishes and repaired the roof, including replacing rotted wood, all for a very reasonable price. When I had a small concern regarding a misunderstanding related to the total cost, Dan Hales was very helpful in clearing up the misunderstanding and gave me a small discount, even though the misunderstanding was on my end. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, both for the quality of the work and for their customer service.

David P.

This company was very professional from start to finish. The salesperson, Bob, worked side by side with our insurance claims adjuster and assisted him in determining hail damage. Bob even went up on the steep roof for inspection. I felt like we had an advocate to guard against an unwarranted claim denial. Our claim was approved and all we had to pay was the deductible. They used Certainteed shingles, which are very high quality shingles. The crew arrived at around 7 a.m. and stayed until dusk. They were able to complete the steep pitched hip roof of a 3,200 sq. ft. house in one day. They spread tarps all around the house to facilitate cleanup of the old shingles. The cleanup was so good that you could not tell any construction had ever taken place. This is a first class company in every aspect!

Mike Z.

I had a pretty serious leaking issue on a roof/chimney with multiple pitch changes. I had several roofing and chimney companies come out and none could identify the source of the problem. Between the various attic spaces versus the way the roof appears from outside, they just weren’t going far enough to see the problem areas. Finally I had Elias from Recovery Roofing and Restoration come out and he was determined to understand what was going on. He spent over an hour crawling around in the attic and walking the roof until finally he identified the issue. I am so grateful for his persistence because without him I would still have water leaking into my living room and no answers in sight! I look forward to doing business with Elias and Recovery Roofing and Restoration in the future.

Thurman H.

You will not find a more diligent contractor than Recovery Roofing and Restoration. That’s my experience. In these unprecedented times they got the job done perfectly, with the best materials available, and in reasonable time considering weather delays and Cv19. They always notified me when the schedule had to be adjusted. They also replaced and painted the siding on one side of my house and repaired three damaged windows. The crews on both the roofing and siding / window jobs were the best anyone could ask for. Thanks everybody at RRR. Yall the best. Russ

Artemus D.