We'll fix it

All of our repairs are completed with our staff and using our company trucks and tools. Roofing is a complicated system and we maintain our high standards by constantly training our staff.


The only way to properly repair a leak is to properly diagnose it. Recovery Roofing & Restoration has the best technicians in the industry. We’ve seen it all and through our years of experience can pinpoint roofing systems issues and develop a proper repair scope.

Shingle repairs

Proper shingle repair is half art and half skill. As roofs age, repairability diminishes. With our expertise we develop the least intrusive repairs that will last. Beware of chuck- in-a-truck types with their buckets of asphalt. This is never an appropriate repair. We will make sure you understand each step of our repair and why it will be a repair that lasts.

Metal roof

Many metal roofs have exposed fasteners that require periodic maintenance and replacement. We are experts in identifying your roof system to ensure that the proper replacement parts are used.

wood trim

Often times, roofing systems failures cause the ancillary wood rot and failure. As part of your roof system repair we can offer to replace and paint the damaged trim.

chimney caps

We find that many times our customers think that they have a roof leak, when, in fact, they have a chimney leak. We custom fabricate chimney caps to stop these leaks.

siding repairs

Often what appears to be a roof leak, is in fact a siding failure. We are experts in vinyl, hard and aluminum siding and can diagnose and stop leaks caused by siding failure.